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On 3rd May 2006, CIAL was appointed as an independent custodian at Cochin. As a custodian, CIAL looks after total cargo activities, that is, from the stage of receipt of import shipments from the flight till delivery to the consignees. Facilities are available for acceptance and storage of all kinds of cargo including special cargo, perishables, dangerous goods, cargo requiring cold storage, valuables, live animals, heavy odd-sized cargo. CIAL has developed its own Cargo Custodian Website to electronically interact with its trade partners through which, agencies like, Agents, Handled Airlines, Banks, Customs, and Importers can interact with the Custodian through a single web based platform.

Import storage facilities for General and Special cargo
Working Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Sundays and Customs Holidays.
N.B.Working Hours are extendable subject to Customs permission.

Cold Storage Facilities:

Door (LXH) in mtrs 1.20X2.10 1.20X2.10 1.20X2.10 1.20X2.10 1.08X1.96 1.07X1.97 2.30X2.50 2.32X1.73
Temperature Range 0°C to 8°C 2°C to 8°C 0°C to -10°C 5°C to 16°C 2°C to 8°C 2°C to 8°C 5°C to 15°C 15°C to 20°C
Capacity (MT) 10.4 13.5 13.5 17.7 8 6.5 28 28

Advance arrangements/notifications can be made for perishable consignments through email

Storage for Hazardous Goods:
Separate demarcated area is available for the storage of dangerous goods.

Direct Delivery
Working Hours: 24x7 Facilities are available for clearance of all direct delivery consignments of Human Remains, Diplomatic mail/goods, Publications, Newspapers, Life Saving etc

Q 1. How to register online ?
Agents can have a common registration for Exports and Imports.

Registration is taken care by the office of:
    Manager-Cargo CMS Department
    Air Cargo Complex,  CIAL,
     Air Cargo Complex,Kochi Airport P.O,Ernakulam,Pin- 683111

Q 2. Are separate PD Accounts required for Imports?
A 2. No, Exports and Imports PD Account will be same. The minimum balance requirement for a common PD account is Rs 5,000 (Rs. Five thousand Only).

Q 3. How do I login?
A 3. Click for our URL which is common for both Exports and Imports. When you login with your User Id and Password, you have to click on your choice for access i.e exports/imports. If already logged into Exports, you can click on box ‘go to imports’ to access the website.

Q 4. How can Airlines issue Delivery Order?
A 4. Airlines should release Delivery Order online once they issue a physical copy of the D.O. to Consignee. To issue online delivery order, after login: On the Airline Imports Homepage, enter the details of IGM Number/Year/MAWB and click ‘GO’. This will display the MAWB with relevant details. Click on the box ‘Issue DO” which will send an online message to the Custodian.

Q 5. How can Break Bulk Agents issue Delivery Order?
A 5. Break bulk agents can issue DO for house Air Waybill once Airlines have issued the DO for Master Air Waybill. On the Imports Homepage, click on issue DO button-a screen opens up-fill in the details of IGM Number/Year/MAWB and click on search. This will display the relevant House Air Waybill details. Click on the box ‘Issue DO” which will send an online message to the Custodian (CIAL).

Q 6. How can an online Bank Challan be generated?
A 6. Online BC can be generated only if the Bill of Entry message is received from customs. The mode of payment can be selected as either bank or PD. Once an online Bank Challan is generated, it cannot be cancelled. CHA has to visit CIAL counter for cancellation of BC.

Q 7. What is a charge calculator?
A 7. Charge calculator enables user to calculate consignment charges online based on the delivery date. The user can enter an estimated date of delivery based on which the system will display the AWB details (MAWB/HAWB/Flt number/date) and charges would be calculated for warehousing.

Q 8. What can I see on Import Home page?
A 8. Once user logs on website, Import page will display the status of following events.
    MAWB No. - Master Air Waybill number.
    HAWB No. - House Air Waybill number for Console shipments.
    DO – Delivery Order issuance by Airline.
    DO (BB) – Delivery Order issuance by Break Bulk agent.
    BOE - Bill of entry number given by Customs.
    RFE - Request for examination message sent by Agent to the Custodian.
    FFE – Freight Forwarded for examination sent by the Custodian to Customs.
    OC - Out of charge message sent by Customs to Custodian.
    BC - Terminal charges are paid for the consignment.
    GP - Gate pass generated.
    GD - Goods Delivered.

Q 9. What is a help desk?
A 9. This is a facility desk for our users in cases of any difficulties faced by them online. Contact numbers as below:
  i.  Registration: 2681 3003/2681 3114 (Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 6p.m)
  ii. Operational (24x7)
      2682 8431/ 2681 3733

For any other assistance, Please send email to

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